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4 Ways to Dress Up Your Sex Doll
One of the. Wig

You can buy some wigs for your sex dolls and do it will make it look different and beautiful. You can choose from various styles. The style and color of the hair will enlighten and accurately represent your ideal partner.


It's easy to buy a wig for your love doll at an altitude of 140-160 cm. Your sex doll can wear original wig. Most of the wig play is beautiful and cheap. And you can buy it online without stress. A smaller doll between 100-130 cm has a smaller head circumference. It is more appropriate to buy children's wigs and difficult to obtain. For other miniature sex dolls such as 65 cm, 80 cm etc. You might need a special sex doll wig. The wig used for three -quarter BJD balls is a typical example.


You can buy costumes for your dolls such as underwear, curly clothes or fetish to change their appearance. Buy something that is perfect for him and maybe looking for something a little smaller to give him a unique appearance.

If your sex doll is 150 cm or taller, you can buy a real female costume. However, be careful that the shape of sex dolls is much smaller than true women. Be careful when buying clothes for your doll. You shouldn't expect a different brand to have the same size. For example, your doll is S size when wearing brand A. When wearing a brand B, it may be different from XS because of a different version. If your doll is high between 100-140 cm, you can buy children's clothes for your dolls. The size of the children's fabric is usually divided into children (110-110 cm), medium children (110-130 cm) and large children (130-150 cm_ etc.). All handsome and stylish closure. I'm sure you will find a good cloth to match your doll. Mini wave dolls are also unique products. Just like wig.


You can buy some cheap dresses to get an idea of ​​the actual size before you buy a dress that you really like. By doing this, you will not spend a lot of money for something imperfect.

The safety pin is very useful. You can use it to secure a large dress and vest. This will make a beautiful silhouette.

The doll's legs are different from the face, body and sex organs that are cared for carefully during the manufacturing process. Therefore, you might not like your feet. In this case, you can buy a pair of sexy stockings to wear on it to cover your feet. Black stocking, nylon is even sexier and goes with high heels.

C. Jewelery

You can wear beautiful bracelets to make your dolls more attractive. But you have to be careful. Do not use jewelry or accessories that can tarnish or endanger your dolls, or jewelry that is too heavy. Delete any accessories after you are finished. Saving your doll with any jewelry or accessory is not recommended.

d. Perfume and cologne

If you want your dolls fragrant when you penetrate it, this is very normal. You can be sexier than the scent of perfume or good cologne. We do not intend to prevent anyone who wants to enjoy their dolls in full. However, we recommend that you avoid using items that can cause accidental damage. If you are going to use perfume, please apply to doll clothes and not on doll skin. These items consist of alcohol and are not good for TPE or silicon. The aroma can penetrate the doll material and cause damage. And I'm sure you won't be happy if this happens.

Finally, if you want to learn more about the treatment of sex dolls, you can go to lovingsolshops.com where there are various types of sex dolls, big breasts sex dolls, big sex dolls, curved sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls and more.

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