How long does it take for Cash App to unlock your account?

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There are different scenarios in which Cash App disables an account. As a user of this digital payment app, you must avoid all the mistakes that lead to the locked account on Cash App.

How to unlock a Cash App account has been one of the most common queries that users make on Cash App. There is no doubt that Cash App is a secure medium for digital payments transactions. As it keeps monitoring users’ activities in the Cash App account. Some accounts on the Cash App are locked to prevent unusual activities and for the protection of users’ accounts. 


Once the account has been locked on Cash App this can be recovered with some easy steps. There are two easy and straightforward methods that are helpful to unlock the account. An account on Cash App can be locked for different reasons. Whenever an account is blocked that is only due to some valid reasons. Customers complain that Why Cash App locked my account but they forget that this happens due to their mistakes.


Reasons behind the Cash App account locked:


If your account has been locked then it is important that you first find out the reasons behind it. Only then you will be able to fix this issue. Following are some common mistakes that users make due to this Cash App account being closed or locked: 


  1. Using an unverified Cash App account: Cash App requires that users verify their accounts. There are certain activities that are restricted for unverified Cash App users. In simple words, if you continue to use the Cash App account without verification for a longer period then, it is possible that your account may be locked. 
  2. Re-login for Cash App account: It is fully certain that Cash App will close your account if you make so many login attempts with incorrect passwords. There are some users who do Cash App login on multiple devices and end up losing their accounts as Cash App disables such credentials. 
  3. Repeated violation of Cash App user policies: There are certain terms and policies regarding what is allowed and prohibited on Cash App. So if Cash App finds out that any user is violating these policies then such accounts are locked temporarily. 
  4. For the protection of account: Apart from these technical mistakes sometimes the Cash App account is closed for users' protection. So if any usual activity takes place on your account then it will be locked without any warning. 


How do I recover my Cash App account?


As you know that the account locked is possible due to multiple reasons. But this issue can be resolved by taking a few easy steps. For instance, if Cash App locked your account then you have two options to unlock it. 


This first method is to take certain steps on the Cash App on your mobile phone. You must remember you must have the correct login ID, and other details of your Cash App account for this method. However, if you do not have such credentials then directly contact the Cash App customer service number and recover your account.


Unlock the Cash App Account Online:


  • Install the Cash App on your device
  • Then select the Profile icon on the right side of the screen
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can see the Support button click on it,
  • You need to hit, “Cash app account locked” or “Can’t access Cash App account” option the options
  • Thereafter you will get a mail or verification on your email or mobile number for verification and unlock the account
  • Once you complete the identity verification process your account will be unlocked within 24 hours to 48 hours. Then you can successfully log into your Cash App account. 


Unlock the Cash App Account Offline with Cash App Support Number:

In some situations, users are not able to unlock the Cash App account online despite repeated attempts. This is possible in case they do not have the login credentials for the account and maybe the account was closed permanently.


So to recover the Cash App account users need to contact the Cash App support number. 

If you are facing errors in unlocking an account online then call the Customer service phone number. This is an offline method to get access to the Cash App account. Here you need to complete the verification process with the Customer Support team. 




There are different scenarios in which Cash App disables an account. As a user of this digital payment app, you must avoid all the mistakes that lead to the locked account on Cash App. However, if your account is still closed you can activate it by following the above-mentioned steps. Otherwise, you can also reach out to the Cash App customer service number to unlock cash app account.




Q. In How many days will my Cash App account be unlocked?

So once you made a request for unlocking the Cash App account and completed the verification process. Then you need to wait at least for 24-48 hours to get access to your account.


Q. How do I lock my Cash App account temporarily? 

You are not allowed to lock a Cash App account temporarily. Although if you want you can close your account permanently.


Q. What if Cash App does not unblock my account? 

Yes, sometimes it is possible that Cash App does not unlock an account. In such a scenario you should create a new account and reach out to Cash App Support.