Have not played since might

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She straight up told me she was leaving! I really Nook Miles Ticket like her so much I immediately closed my match so that she wouldn't leave lol. Now I don't even take the chance with the thought bubble.They appear in your home if you're away for a certain amount of time. You walk over them to kill them. They aren't catchable.

Have not played since might. Logged back in yesterday and experienced the roaches. Spent 5 minutes trying to find my net until I recalled you couldn't have your net equipped in the Home

Weeds don't grow back at precisely the exact same speed as past games too, I've noticed. I went months without playing there and there were just a small handful to wash up, took no time at all. Normally they're everywhere.There's a maximum limit to weeds and once it's hit they all just stay how they are until some get chosen iirc.

Good point, but man... When I was 10 years old this match was such a pressure machine. I needed to look at cheap Animal Crossing Bells every night that my favorite villagers were not departing, and I remember crying and getting upset if somebody I liked left. I even forced my mother to check some times once I forgot my DS.I agree, that stress is what eventually made me stop playing Wild World, when I understood that in order to keep my town"alive" I needed to become a servant to it, and that put me off from the entire series all the way before this match, where those things are far more relaxed.