How to get the Pink Diamond Gordon MyTeam card is here

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In the NBA 2020 All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, Aaron Gordon is again the most regrettable dunk star. Although he has always regarded as the uncrowned king, he wants to win a championship to make him deserved. The fact is that Aaron Gordon lost in an epic duel with Derrick Jones Jr from the Heat in the finals. Although he failed to win the slam dunk contest, his dunk attributes alone made his player cards worth a lot of NBA 2K20 MT.

All the people who love the NBA watched the final matchup. Gordon did all the glorious things except cannot win. He not only completed a series of wonderful slam dunks such as the air folding dunk, but also dunked the rapper. But within one point, Gordon missed the championship again.

But the pleasant news is that the 2K team has launched a championship version for Gordon to comfort the frustrated fans. As the top power forward of the Orlando Magic, Gordon deserves a pink diamond card with a total score of 97 points. Interestingly, Derrick Jones Jr.’s player card score is only 95 points. Players who love Gordon cards can use it in any mode to play.

The extra Gordon card with 41 badges has become the most dunking player in MyTeam mode. Players can add Pink Diamond Gordon cards to their MyTeam lineup in one of two ways. The first method is for players to go to the store and spend 10500 Cheap 2K20 MT to buy the All-Star Flash package. The disadvantage of this method is that players may not get Gordon card once. The second method is that players go directly to the auction house to buy him at a price close to 200,000 2K20 MT. Most players would rather choose the first method and Buy NBA 2K20 MT before buying the package. It is a player card that is very worth buying, which will help players significantly in the game.