It seems impossible to turn off the POE Bloom effect immediately

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The entire POE troubled by the bloom that produces bugs. This extra feature makes players invisible to the battle scene. Because once the battle begins, they will release their skills and attack the enemy with powerful weapons. The resulting game screen effects will produce high brightness and seriously affect the players’ battles. And maybe players will miss collecting POE Orbs and POE Currency dropped by monsters. It is a significant loss for players.

Even if the players are in the current simplified version, the effect of bloom only slightly reduced. The public relations staff of the POE development team will introduce to the players that because the previous league mechanism is outdated, it will not stimulate the enthusiasm of the players again. So they created a new visual effect based on the characteristics of the old league. The game team must carefully craft and manually equip the wrong Blooming particles to achieve the desired effect. To their surprise and frustration, the players didn’t seem to like it.

The dilemma facing the development team now is that they cannot push the old bloom system to the players, and the alternative system not accepted by the players. Each player has his or her favorite choice of visual effects. It can be said that the game team can’t help it. They can only absorb feedback from players as soon as possible to make targeted solutions. The last statement particularly troubled many players. Although almost every response from the development team satisfied the players, this time it angered the players and made the problem serious again.

Players still hope that it should optimize all assets that look bad and dizzying assets and become more affordable. It will also forward the proposal to the developer to more accurately determine the bloom intensity in the options. Until then, POE players can use additional software such as ReShade to fine-tune the appearance of their gaming experience. As the developer confirmed, this has also approved. As long as players regain their confidence in the game, they will Buy POE Orbs again to support the long-term development of the game.