How to design a website in just 5 steps

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If you want to design a website and you have a field of work, marketing, or even thinking about creating an educational site for others or other activities, there is some information that you must collect and identify before embarking on designing a website and starting it, and we will sum

How to design a website?
When designing a website, there are several stages that must be done before reaching the final form and launching the website on web sites from around the world:


The first stage :

Discussing the website owner with the work team that designs the website on the Internet and agreeing on a final form for the website and its pages.

The second phase :

At this stage, the project receives the web designer, and then begins to design the final form of the website, usually on the Photoshop design program, and obtain approval from the website owner to start the next stage.

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third level :

After designing the website and approving its form by the website owner as he imagined it, the web developer begins to receive his work and start transforming the website design by writing the necessary code for all the website pages and coordinating them in the required shape and colors so that the web can read them.
The fourth stage :

Here, the website design is ready to be part of the big world of the Internet, but before uploading it, you must look at the hosting sites. Sites are sites that have large and huge servers that work around the clock so that your site remains on the web and never cuts off or the site is located. We hear this site a lot lately with some social networking sites whose servers are located due to a lot of pressure on it and access to it, and there are large and famous hosting sites, including the site (Godaddy) and many others.

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level five :

After choosing the appropriate hosting site and the budget required for it, the website will then be ready to launch on the date specified by its owner, and then everyone in the world will be able to access it.